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Ortner® Sand Classifier is a Very Diverse Machine

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The Ortner® Washing System uses the least water, is extremely low-wear, and produces the driest product of any sand classifying product, period.  There are many ways to remove the fines from sand and crushed stone; sand screw classifiers, classifying tanks, hydrocyclones, wet screens, log washers and jigs all have their place, but none of them is like the Ortner®!

Is It A Fine or Coarse MateriaORTNER SAND IS DRIERl Washer?  YES!

ORTNER 4000 010The Ortner® can handle any size material, from a very fine mason sand all the way up to the de-dusting of 3″ rocks.

You don’t need separate machines to wash your various sand sizes if you own an Ortner®, this one machine can do it all.

Low Water Needed

ORTNER WATER FLOWThe Ortner® has a very small weir section, which means the dust that you are trying to get rid of does not have a chance to settle out before being swept away with the wash-water.  This simple solution allows the Ortner® to use about 1/3 the amount of water that a sandscrew would require.  Less water required means smaller settling ponds, less discharge to the environment, and happy local regulators.


Low Wear Characteristics

Unlike a screw classifier with an auger that churns through the stone and has a very frequent replacement rate, the Ortner® has a rotating pan on which the stone rides.  A curved plow captures the washed sand and guides it to a discharge hole in the center of the rotating pan. The pan on an Ortner® classifying system lasts 15-20 years! How many screw flights would you replace in that time?

A Drier Product

ORTNER Dewatering under a SandScrewNot only does the Ortner® use less water to remove the fines from sand, it also produces a product that is very dry compared to sand made by any other flotation device on the market.  The rotating pan is equipped with a vibrator. As the material is rotated out of the weir section, the vibration allows any excess water to liberate from the sand and flow back down into the weir. No more sloppy stockpiles, this sand is ready to ship.  The Ortner® works so well, it is often used to dewater the product from a sandscrew!

For the most economical, environmentally sound, and smartest way to wash all of your materials, including sand, crushed stone, gravel, street sweepings, specialty minerals, and slag, the Ortner® is the obvious choice.

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AUTHOR - Shawn Gibson

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