The Freedom Disc Screen

Effective Coarse Screening For the Most Difficult Materials.
The Freedom Disc Screen allows for screening of the most difficult materials without wrapping and plugging of the screen. High Capacity efficient screening in a small footprint

Freedom disc screen

BENEFITS OF THE Freedom Disc Screen

Disc screen for waste materials

The Freedom Solution

The Freedom Disc Screen centers on an innovative anti-clogging system, developed for urban and industrial waste through years of experience and testing. Each rotor shaft assembly has profiled HARDOX discs installed at regular spacings. The Freedom’s solution involves the isolation of the machine shafts from the material flow in coordination with the liberation of the material through the faceted disc shape. The HARDOX discs and robust construction of the machine provide superior wear characteristics and reliability.

The Task

The mechanical separation of waste materials by screening is becoming increasingly important for both the environment and the economy. This process involves the recycling of different types of materials and the recovery of the associated valuable commodities, minimizing landfill costs, all with very low energy consumption and lifetime costs. Conventional vibrating screens, trommels, and star screeners have severe limitations with screening materials that clog, wrap, and blind the screen. The Freedom Disc Screen was developed to screen the most difficult materials and address these common operating problems.



High Capacity,
Small Footprint


Flexibility for
different material

Low profile
Low Operation Costs

Low Wear Costs
Low Horsepower

Robust disc

Freedom Disc Screen Options

Screen Sizes

The Freedom Disc Screen is available in size ranges from 1600mm x 4m (5’x12’) to 1600mm x 10m (5’x30’)

Deck Options

  • AEI custom pairs the disc type and screen design to each application
  • Multiple separations can be made in a single deck
  • Screens can be stacked or configured in a cascade arrangement

Screen options

  • The Freedom Disc Screen is available in both mobile and static configurations
  • Each machine is built to fit the customer’s unique screening specifications

Equipment Testing & Sizing

To properly size the Freedom Disc Screen for each individual application, the following factors must be considered: material type, moisture content, feed gradation, product specifications and capacity.

AEI conducts all testing on customer site to ensure real world material and operating conditions. Contact us for a test at your location.

Freedom disc screen options