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The BIVITEC® Screen

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Effective Fine Screening For the Most Difficult Materials

BIVITEC® allows the screening of the most difficult materials without plugging or blinding. The unique action of the deck provides high acceleration forces on the material to keep the deck free and clear.

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Benefits of the BIVITEC®


The BIVITEC® Solution

Developed to screen even the most problematic materials, the BIVITEC®’s unique dual-vibratory screening process eliminates clogging and blinding of the screen openings to save downtime and increase productivity.

bivi-TEC® Vibration DiagramTo ensure the most effective screening, high-acceleration forces must be transferred to the feed material. The BIVITEC® Screen achieves these high forces by dynamically tensioning and relaxing the flexible screen mats using a dual vibration principal. Enhanced by resonance, one drive can produce two vibration movements. The screen box is accelerated approximately 2g’s while the screen mats can receive up to 50g’s.

Applications once judged impossible, can now be accomplished with the BIVITEC® screen.


  • Fine screening of moist material
  • Eliminates blinding and plugging
  • High capacity – Large effective screening area
  • Long Life Polyurethane screen mats
  • Rugged Construction, Low maintenance
  • Highly flexible for varying material conditions
  • Low energy usage

BIVITEC® proves to be the best solution for screening:

  • Manufactured sands, chips, ag lime
  • High-moisture materials combined with silt, mud and clay
  • Incinerator ash, trash, waste coal, clay, sand and slag
  • Compost, leafy materials, wood waste and peat moss
  • Auto Shredder fluff, shredded tires, roofing shingles, C+D waste, RDF

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BIVITEC® Options


Screen Sizes

  • The BIVITEC ® is available in size ranges from 800mm x 3m (3’x10’) to 3000mm x 12m (10’x40’)
  • 1,2,3 and 4 deck screens are available
  • Half Deck configuration allows multiple cuts in a single deck.

Deck Options

  • BIVITEC® mesh sizes range from 100 mesh to 4”
  • Wire cloth, urethane, finger, 3D and other conventional scalping decks can be combined with the BIVITEC® system
  • Banana design: Curved deck with steeper angle on feed end and lesser angle on discharge, provides increased capacity and efficiency
  • LL Design for bulky materials: Double the panel width and double the stroke.

Screen Options

  • BIVITEC® is available in both mobile and static configurations
  • Each screen is built to fit the customer’s unique specifications

BIVITEC® Testing and Sizing

To properly size the BIVITEC ® for each individual application, the following factors must be considered: material type, moisture content, feed gradation, product specifications and capacity

AEI conducts all testing on customer site to ensure real world material and operating conditions. Contact us for a test at your location.

BIVITEC® Test Unit

bivi-TEC® test unit