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The Ortner®

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Washing and Fines Removal

1/3 the water, 1/3 the power: The Ortner® is a revolutionary concept for dewatering, removing fines, classifying and rinsing sand and other materials up to 3”.

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Benefits of the Ortner®

The Task:

The Ortner® uses much less water than other dewatering and classifying machines, and consumes far less power, creating significant savings for the operator.

The Ortner® Solution:

Material is fed into a slowly revolving inclined pan and vibrated at high frequency. The high frequency quickly separates the various sizes of material, with fines and water rising to the top and discharging over the pan’s edge. The coarser material sinks to the bottom, where the settled particles are carried by the rotating pan up and out of the water. A stationary plow diverts the dewatered material to a central discharge spout.

The driving and vibrating mechanisms are mounted under the pan. This prevents contamination with the water and processed material, and increases the life of these components.


  • Less Water
  • Less Wear
  • Less Power
  • High Capacity
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Drier Product

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Ortner Options

Ortner® Selection
and Tests

The proper Ortner application and sizing must take into consideration the type of material, feed gradations, product specifications, water in feed and availability, tonnage required and feed particle shape. AEI has testing facilities to assure proper Ortner® selection and applications. Please contact us to arrange a test of your material sample.