What is Mining?

The act of mining occurs when you dig down and extract different ores and valuable or useful materials from underground. Mined materials are important in the construction, utilities, manufacturing, and technologies industries. Some common materials that are mined include:

  • Coal
  • Copper
  • Iron Ore
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Limestone

Since the beginning of civilization, people have made use of different materials that were located right below the Earth’s surface. The mining industry has come a long way since then. As technology has developed and continues to advance, the mining process has become much more efficient, productive, and safe. 

Aggregates Equipment Inc. (AEI) custom builds mineral screening equipment that is perfect for the mining industry. Whether you’re running a small, remote mining operation or a high-tonnage plant, we have the right mining screening machine for your specific needs.

Mining Industry Trends

Recently, there’s been a push towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, several mining companies are looking to reach net-zero emissions around the year 2050. Developments that are contributing to this effort include:

  • Ventilation on Demand
  • All-Electric Mines
  • Low-Impact Mining Methods
  • Reusing Mining Waste
  • Rehabilitating Mining Locations

As companies in various industries continue to develop renewables and electric vehicles, there will be more of a need for metals that are used for wiring. That includes copper, aluminum, and nickel.

The Mineral Screening Process

Screens are an important part of many mining operations. Once various minerals and materials are mined, the run-of-mine ore is separated into different shapes, sizes, and grades. Vibrating screens make it much easier to separate fines from oversized particles.

The goal is to get the greatest amount of useful materials while expending the least amount of energy. In order to be as efficient as possible, you need to have the right screening machine for the job. And it will help your profits if you have durable equipment that requires little maintenance and downtime.

If there is moisture that has built up in the material you’re mining, screens can also help with dewatering, giving you a more consistent product.

AEI’s Mine Screens


The BIVITEC flip flow screen is designed to handle high-moisture materials, whether that moisture comes from the rock, the milling process, or the transportation process. The BIVITEC offers a high open area and a high-capacity solution for wet screening in the mining industry. It can even screen a problematic material, like gold ore or coal, which can be corrosive.

Because the BIVITEC is a dual-vibratory screen, that means there will be less pegging and less downtime for your mining operation.

Custom Solutions

Every material and mining location offers its own unique challenges. The team at AEI will discuss your process and pain points with you and develop a custom material screening and processing system that works perfectly for your particular needs.

Request a custom quote today or give our helpful sales team a call at 717-906-7059 to learn more about AEI’s screening solutions for the mining industry.