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Keep it Out of the Landfill Composting with the BIVI-TEC® Screen

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High moisture, high volume, and low bulk density make compost a tough customer when it comes to screening. The daily variability of moisture content can make the selection of screening media and opening size a real challenge, especially when using trommels or other conventional vibrating screen shakers.  But there’s no problem if you have BIVI-TEC® on your side!

The BIVI-TEC® screen is used to screen compost across the country, making separations ranging from 1/2″ down to less than 1/8”. Composted yard trimmings, food scraps, bio-sludge, nothing is too difficult for the BIVI-TEC® to handle!  The wetter and stickier the material, the brighter this screen shines.

PORTABLE DEMO PLANTIn 2006, Ned Foley at Two Particular Acres in Royersford, PA began using a portable BIVI-TEC® screening plant in his composting operation.  Ned was starting a compost facility at which he was collecting food scraps from various outlets for disposal at his site, and he needed a screen that could make the fine separations that were going to be necessary to make a high-quality, saleable product.  With the BIVI-TEC® he was able to screen at a 5mm (3/16”) opening and produce a top-tier compost product.  Two Particular Acres was later able to team with Haines & Kibblehouse (another owner of several BIVI-TEC® screens) to use their empty quarry pits for compost staging and processing.

A&M Composting in Manheim, PA is a subsidiary of JP Mascaro & Sons.  This site operates two BIVI-TEC® screens in the process of composting sewage sludge.  Even after composting, this material has very high moisture contents that can reach >60%.  The BIVI-TEC® is relied on to make efficient separations at 3/8” no matter what the conditions or moisture levels, and it always produces a reliable, clean product.COMPOST MULCH

Many municipalities rely on the BIVI-TEC® for their compost screening needs. From Palm Beach, Florida to southern California, the BIVI-TEC® is there to help you keep waste out of the landfill by recycling it into an environmentally friendly soil amendment.

Read more about the BIVI-TEC® and its capabilities.

AUTHOR - Shawn Gibson

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