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AEI and General Kinematics Provide BIVI-TEC® Solution for Removing C+D Fines

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bivi-tec-post-1A southeast C&D Recycling facility has recently chosen to replace their existing trommel screens with a BIVI-TEC® screen to remove ½” minus fines from -2″ fines. The Trommel which was previously used to perform this function was worn out after only 4 yrs of operation. The BIVI-TEC® provides 3 times the effective screening area in a smaller footprint as compared to the previous Trommel.

Of particular concern to the customer was the plugging during high moisture conditions presented by their outdoor location in the south east. The BIVI-TEC®’s non-blinding design keeps the panels open in all conditions providing year round efficient screening. After installation, it was discovered that the BIVI-TEC® was too efficient at ½”! Although the trommel was sized at ½”, blinding of the Trommel resulted in a size reduction to near ¼” with significant carry over.

bivi-tec-post-2Reducing the BIVI-TEC® mesh size to ¼” provided efficient screening while maintaining product continuity. Even at this smaller opening, the BIVI-TEC® decks remain clear even in wet conditions. The flexibility and easy change nature of the deck allows the customer to mix panel configurations in a given deck to fine tune product specifications and adjust to material feed conditions.

The complete solution to the customer’s screening problem was provided in partnership with General Kinematics. General Kinematics is a BIVI-TEC® partner and specializes in solutions incorporating the BIVI-TEC® screen, manufactured by AEI.

AUTHOR - David Stairs

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