Maintenance Tips for Fine Material Screw Washers

06.09.20 | Aggregate, Ortner

Processing sand and gravel products for a variety of specific market applications requires the use of different combinations of equipment. Fine material screw washers are a commonly deployed piece of sand classifier equipment.

Below, we’ll outline several maintenance tips to help prevent costly repairs and downtime of your equipment.

Fine material screw washer maintenance

While fine material screw washers are relatively simple pieces of sand classifier equipment, they still require routine maintenance to remain as efficient as possible for your operation. Below are several maintenance tips to employ.

1) Conduct Regular Walkthroughs

Operators of sand classifier equipment should aim to conduct a weekly walkthrough of their machine. The walkthrough can be kept simple and conducted while the plant is running. Doing so can help you catch some maintenance issues before they become larger concerns.

While completing a walk around of the machine, pay careful attention to the noises it’s making. Unusual sounds can be signs of an overheating motor or reducer, unfastened bolts, or even issues with the screw shaft.

2) Properly Lubricate Bearings

Regularly lubricate the bearings supporting each end of the screw shaft. Be sure to check manufacturer recommendations. The lubrication requirements of seals on submerged rear bearings may be more frequent than the requirements of the bearing itself. Non-lubricated seals can cause more frequent rear bearing failures, resulting in additional maintenance and machine downtime.

3) Routinely Clean the Gearbox and Replace Oil

Always check your sand classifying machine manufacturer’s recommendations, but generally the gearbox should be cleaned and its oil replaced every 3-6 months of operation. Following a routine schedule of gearbox maintenance can help extend its life and avoid downtime.

4) Check Motor Wiring Frequently

Electrical systems and wiring should be regularly inspected to ensure they are functioning properly. Check to make sure they have reliable grounding to prevent unnecessary wear, leakage, and to avoid accidents.

In addition, wiring and electrical components should be cleared of any sand or other build-up of fine material to prevent interference that can lead to component failure.

5) Inspect Your Entire System

Lastly, when inspecting your fine material screw washer, look at the machine holistically and avoid compartmentalizing different pieces of equipment on the machine. Individual pieces of equipment can and should be inspected, but the overall process must also be considered. An issue or failure of one part can often be a result of another maintenance issue that was overlooked. Always consider and check your entire system.

AEI’s Sand Classifying and Washing Solution: The Ortner®

Even with proper care and regular maintenance, sand classifier equipment, including fine material screw washers, experiences wear and tear that results in less efficiency, frequent downtime, and higher production costs. Therefore, it can be more cost-effective in the long-term to replace your machine. Fortunately, AEI offers a revolutionary machine for classifying and washing sand and other materials: The Ortner®.

The Ortner® is designed to dewater and remove fines, classify, and rinse sand and other fine materials. It uses less water while consuming less power, creating significant savings for the operator. In addition, because of its efficient design, lower energy consumption, and durable construction, the Ortner® requires less maintenance. Click below to request a quote. A member of our sales team will help you find the optimal solution for your needs.

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