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eco-star screen for coarse screening

Effective Coarse Screening for the Most Difficult Materials

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AEI announces the introduction of the Eco-Star® Dynamic Disc Screen to North America. The Eco-Star® Dynamic Disc Screen allows the screening of the most difficult materials without wrapping and plugging of the screen. Eco-Star® performs high capacity efficient screening in a small footprint. Conventional vibrating screens, trommel screens and star screens have severe limitations with screening materials that clog, wrap and blind the screen. The Eco-Star® Dynamic Disc Screen was developed to screen the most difficult materials and address these common operating problems.

The innovative design of the Eco-Star® Dynamic Disc Screen centers on the patented anti-clogging system, developed for the most difficult materials through years of experience and testing. The solution involves the isolation of the machine shafts from the material flow in coordination with the liberation of the material through the faceted disk shape. The HARDOX® disks and robust construction of the machine provide superior wear characteristics and reliability.

Two key drivers of screen capacity are presenting the undersize material to the screen openings and keeping those same screen openings free and clear so the undersize material may pass through. The Eco-Star ® consists of an arrangement of driven shafts that propel the material down the deck of the screen. Because the screen is positively driven and does not rely on gravity or vibration for conveyance, bulky material is quickly moved from the feed area exposing the screen openings to newly arriving fines. The disc arrangement and design provides superior agitation of the material to release additional fines and reduce the riding effect present in low density feed streams. The anti-clogging system resists wrapping, plugging and blinding of wet, stringy and difficult materials keeping your screen deck clean and clear for efficient screening. creening size is easily adjustable by altering the operating speed of the machine.

Hundreds of Eco-Star® units are operating in Europe. Now Eco-Star® is manufactured and supported in the United States by AEI, manufacturers of the BIVI-TEC® screen. AEI has a mobile Eco-Star® test plant available for onsite testing. Call (717)-656-2131.

AUTHOR - David Stairs

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