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Inside a Star Screen

Eco-Star® vs Trommel Screen: Size of Separation

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With a convention screen or Trommel screen the size of separation is fixed with the screen media on the deck.  Changing the screen sizing requires several hours of down time for a complete change of the screen mesh in the machine.


Adjustable Sizing

The Eco-Star® Dynamic Disc Screen allows the instant changing of screen size by adjusting the speed of operation of the machine.  By increasing or decreasing the speed of the machine, the separation size of the machine can be changed plus or minus 20%.  Running the machine faster produces a finer product while running slower will produce a coarser product.  This simple ability allows the operator to quickly adjust to changing material conditions without costly down time and the need for tools or parts expenditures.

Accurate Sizing in 3 Dimensions

An additional problem of screen size is the passage of elongated material and spearing.  With the action of a trommel constantly lifting and dropping material, it represents the opportunity to lift long pieces and then drop them vertically through the smaller screen openings. Because the shafts of the Eco-Star® are driven, spearing is greatly reduced.  Elongated pieces or pokers are laid down on the screen deck and propelled horizontally across the screen, reducing the opportunity for them to orient themselves and contaminate your product.

Eco-Star® provides flexibility with your screening and consistent quality results in a smaller footprint as compared to old trommel technology.

AUTHOR - David Stairs

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