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Eco-Star® vs Trommel Screen: Efficiency and Maintenance

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Trommel screens operate by tossing and rotating material in the drum, conveyed by gravity down the inclination of the drum.  The tossing action of the screen results in wrapping and twisting of plastic stringy material, entrapping fines and clogging the screen.

In the Eco-Star® Dynamic Disc Screen, the patented design of the discs allows the material to float over the screen surface, optimizing the separation of the coarse and fine fractions.  The faceted nature of the disc beats and agitates the material, releasing fines while conveying plastics and bags without allowing entrapment.

(4) 0-30mm

Clogging, Blinding, Pegging, Wrapping

While the Eco-Star® conveys and turns the material in a single layer, trommels lift and drop material onto the material being conveyed below, blocking fines from passing through the apertures.  Clogging and wrapping of the drum further reduces screen efficiency in trommel screens.  Eco-Star® provides efficient screening in a compact footprint without the headaches associated with trommels.

Maintenance, Downtime

Maintenance of trommels revolves around cleaning of the drum and maintenance of the hardware required to support this large machine.  Replacing everything from trunion wheels to cleaning brushes, a trommel requires significant annual expenditures to keep your plant operating.  The very simple design of the Eco-Star® screen greatly reduces your down time.

The anti-clogging system cuts cleaning times on your maintenance schedule.  The screen consists of a series of shafts with discs mounted in pillow block bearings.  Regular maintenance consists of greasing a central lubrication point.  The faceted discs of the Eco-Star® are constructed of HARDOX® resulting in exceptional wear characteristics.  When it is time to change shaft, a simple four bolt connection provides for easy change over and replacement with minimal downtime.

(12) Organic Waste w bags

Power, Electricity Requirements

Large trommels require large motors and associated energy consumption to move their mass.  A typical 40’ trommel requires 40 HP and 30 kilowatts per hour to run the machine.  For the same capacity, an Eco-Star® screen screen for the same application only requires one 10 HP motor and corresponding 7.5 kilowatts per hour.  Eco-Star® is energy efficient for your operation.

The Eco-Star®’s ease of maintenance and superior screen quality represent a new dynamic in coarse sizing for difficult materials.

AUTHOR - David Stairs

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