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trommel screen and star screen footprint

Eco-Star® vs Trommel Screen: Capacity and Footprint

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Every year, Eco-Star® replaces long trommel screens, providing greater production capacity in a smaller footprint. Screening in a trommel is only accomplished on the bottom of a drum. With any given trommel diameter and length, the screen area of the machine is defined by 1/3 of the drum diameter by the screen length.

Eco-Star replacement of large trommel

Eco-Star with replaced Trommel in 1/3 the space

As compared to a given length of screen area, a trommel only provides 1/3 of the effective screen area as a comparable rectangular design of the Eco-Star®. In addition, the trommels installation height due to its diameter and angle of inclination, provide constraints to installation of sufficient screen area. The Eco-Star®’s low profile design is usually installed with no or little inclination. This feature added to the large effective screen area of the screen provides substantial capacity advantages in a given footprint.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Another factor greatly effecting screen capacity is the cleaning and maintenance of the screen. If the openings in a screen are not open and clear, the capacity of the screen is greatly reduced, resulting in fines carry over or reduced system capacity. With the Eco-Star®’s patented anti-clogging system, the screen remains free and clear, resulting in continuous high capacity efficient screening with less downtime. The reliability of the Eco-Star® screen and lack of time required for cleaning means more operation time and more production volume through your system.

Compact Size and Flexibility

The compact size of the Eco-Star® Dynamic Disc screen compared to the dimension of a trommel sized for a given application provides significant space savings and a compact footprint.

Replaced Trommel

Large drum replaced by 4m Eco-Star

Eco-Star® screens can be arranged with multiple cut sizes in a single deck or units with different separation sizes can be stacked on top of each other. A cascade arrangement with several screens can also be configured in a small footprint.  The ability to arrange your shredder and screen in a compact footprint as pictured, provides significant cost savings during construction in reduced structure, conveyor and building requirements.

Eco-Star and Shredder Compact Arrangement

Eco-Star and Shredder in small Footprint


Arranging the Eco-Star® with recirculation to your shredder reduces wear and maintenance costs on the most expensive piece of equipment in your operation producing a high-quality uniform product.

AUTHOR - David Stairs

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