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Trommel screen versus Eco-Star® Disc Screen, clogging and wrapping

Eco-Star® vs Trommel Screen and Star Screen: Clogging and Wrapping

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Industrial screening equipment is deployed in a number of industries to screen and size a variety of materials. In many cases, certain materials prove particularly challenging for screening. Often, materials such as biomass, municipal solid waste, and plastics place an extra demand on traditional equipment, like trommels and star screens.

After just a few hours of operation, a trommel screen drum or conventional star screen shaft becomes wrapped and clogged with stringy and damp material.  Without frequent cleaning, these machines produce inefficient screening and frequent maintenance stoppages.

Trommel screen drum clogged with stringy, damp material.        Star screen clogged with plastic material.

Eco-Star’s® Patented Anti-Clogging System

The patented anti-clogging system of the Eco-Star® Dynamic Disc screen keeps the deck free and clear, providing efficient screening of the most difficult materials. The faceted disk shape helps to agitate the material, freeing entrapped fines while simultaneously protecting the shafts. The anti-clogging system isolates the shafts from the material flow.

Eco-Star Organic WasteSome star screens attempt to reduce the problem of wrapping by greatly enlarging the shaft diameter.  This increased shaft diameter greatly reduces the open area of the deck, resulting in a huge screen area requirement, while still presenting the wrapping problems of a rotating shaft.

The Eco-Star® represents an extremely simple but effective screening solution to common operating problems in waste stream sizing applications.

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AUTHOR - David Stairs

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