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Patriot 4000 Eco-Star mobile Disc Screen

AEI Introduces Patriot 4000 Eco-Star Mobile Screen

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AEI introduced the Patriot 4000 Eco-Star Mobile Screen at C+D World 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee.  The Patriot 4000 Eco-Star Mobile Screen is designed for operators with difficult screening applications and a tight footprint.  Patriot 4000 Eco-Star Mobile ScreenThe unit features a 5’x12’ Eco-Star Dynamic Disc screen mounted on a bunker style chassis.  The Eco-Star unit allows the processing of 100 TPH of C+D in a very compact foot print.  The Hard-Ox discs and patented anti-clogging system allow the unit to handle the most demanding applications without flinching. Move your screen to your material instead of trucking your material to your screen.

Patriot 4000 Deck View


The design of the unit enables direct feed by grapple or loader.  A 25 cubic yard bunker collects fines under the screen while oversize discharges off the end of the screen, featuring a push plate to protect the axle and ease clean up.  The short wheel base of the unit ensures maneuverability in tight spaces.  The Patriot design requires no permits or special transportation requirements.  Hook and go!


Patriot features a compact hydraulic power pack making the unit highly portable and self-sufficient.  Simple controls transform the unit from transport configuration to operation within a matter of minutes.  Other options are available upon request.





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